Burger Buoy Menu
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Served ALL Day  Your choice of Roll or Bagel
Bagels (plain, sesame, everything) butter or cream cheese    $3.75
Buoy Wrap
2 Eggs any style with Ham, Sausage, bacon, cheese and home fries served in a wrap.  
2 Eggs any style on a roll or bagel        $4.75
Buttered roll     $3.50
Home Fries. Homemade. Potatoes, peppers, onions and paprika. The best.   $3.00
Breakfast served with small Coffee, Iced Tea or Water  
Add .50 ea - Cheese, Bacon, Sausage, Ham  

Black Angus Burgers, Hot Dogs
Burger   All burgers are 6 oz.       $6.25
Buoy Burger, Cheese, Cole slaw, cucumbers, bacon, fried onions, on a roll      $9.50
Chicken cutlet    $6.75
Grilled Cheese  $3.75
Hot dog on a bun… Just the dog…    $2.75
Buoy Dog- Hot dog with cheese, and bacon bits    $3.75
Pull Pork Sandwich with Cole Slaw   $7.25
Add .50 ea. Bacon, Onion, fried onions, Lettuce or Cheese  

All sandwiches are served on a Roll, Bagel or Wrap with a side of potato Chips
Buoy Sandwich- Turkey, Ham, Roast beef on a roll with cheese, Cole Slaw and bacon $8.50
Roast beef, Turkey or Ham on a roll      $6.50
BLT    $4.50
Chicken of the Sea tuna in water   $5.50
P&J on bagel ..... Just the sandwich.    $3.75
All sandwiches are served on a Roll, bagel or wrap with potato chips
Add .50 ea. Bacon, Onion, Lettuce and Swiss or American cheese

Vanilla Ice cream sandwiches      $3.75
Italian ices (cherry, lemon, chocolate, vanilla.        $2.75
Vanilla and chocolate ice cream cups    $3.25

12 oz. Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite      $2.25
Gatorade, red or yellow    $2.75
Water    $1.75
Ice Tea, Coffee, Iced Coffee Small $1.75
Large $2.25
Bag of ICE   10lbs    $5.50
Bagels supplied by A & S bagels of Franklin Square, Cole Slaw and salads supplied by Tulip Caterers of Franklin Square.
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