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All small business' start with an idea to provide a type of service to clients. Burger Buoy has done just that, designed and developed a new way of providing high quality food and service to boaters on the South Shore of Long Island.

As local boaters we have spent many hours cruising the beautiful South Shore and countless times stayed out longer than initially planned. Just like all boaters, we would spent 20-30 minutes in line at a deli and went out with a cold egg sandwich and a cold cup of coffee.

Now later in the day we would try to decide where we could get a sandwich, more ice or maybe an ice cream or Italian ice. Fuel docks were busy and we didn't feel like docking and sitting at a restaurant. That is how Burger Buoy was born. We continued to research the idea for five years before we purchased the BB1 houseboat and started the design process. We now have another 38' Coastal Cruiser that will be BB2 and BB Express that will replenish the houseboats with supplies as needed.

It has taken 100's of hours planning and designing the houseboat conversion to a floating deli that would provide a safe and easy way to deliver high quality products to fellow boaters.

Our houseboat/deli design has many features that are truly unique in the industry. The Galley is equipped with fire retardant walls, exhaust hood with a fire suppression system, electronic fume monitors that will automatically cutoff the flow of propane to the galley, manual cutoff valves and inline gas pressure monitors that will automatically cutoff gas supply at the equipment in addition fire extinguishers located through out the vessel. Our cooking equipment is of commercial grade stainless steel units. Electrical system has been replaced and a commercial power generator supplies the vessel with electricity. We have met or exceeded the Coast Guard regulations as well as the Nassau County Board of Health requirements.

We have designed a one of a kind portable floating dock system that provides our staff a safe way to hand food orders off to your boat. You simply pull along side our dock system just like you would at a fuel dock or your slip. We then hand you your order.

Raise us on channel 73 where we will provide another channel to switch to and take your order. We will provide you a order # and expected wait time. When your order is ready we will get back to you via the same channel you ordered on and tell you which side to come along for order pickup. It's that simple. Just like a drive thru!

If you prefer, you can text us or phone in your order as well.

On our floating docks we will also provide trash and recycling collection.

Do to Insurance and license restrictions, no one is allowed to board our vessel.

After all this work we can't just sell frozen fried food now can we! Burger Buoy will only sell fresh, high quality products. We believe in sharing our product line with you. Offering the best bagels in Nassau County A&S bagels of Franklin Square is our bagel supplier. Picked up daily on our way to Freeport these bagels will be fresh and warm for your sandwich. Due to limited storage we will only carry three types of bagels, plain, sesame and everything bagel. Tulip Caterers of Franklin Square will provide their famous Cole Slaw and salads made specifically for BB. Cold cuts and Hot Dogs will complement our sandwich menu. Breakfast will be served all day. Ice cream is provided by Circus Man and Rita Italian Ices will finish off the deserts. Nuzoless Ice is sold in 10 lbs bags. We have a commercial iced tea and iced coffee system on board that will brew the finest products with polar springs water and a special blend of teas and coffee.

Please keep in mind our prices include all sales tax and rounded off to the quarter

Other items we carry are sunscreen, hats, bug spray etc.

It is very important to us to hear what you would like us to carry on our boats, please visit our "what you want" section to post your recommendations. We will offer a voting system so everyone can vote on what want you would like us to carry. Hey you're the client, so tell us what you want on BB!

If you are in need of basic medical supplies, bandaids, peroxcide, bandages etc. We offer this free of charge. Severe or life threatening injuries should be called into Coast Guard or Marine Police on channel 16. Each BB vessel also carries on board a life sling unit and many floatations devices should you need to borrow them.


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